Remnant: From the Ashes and The Alto Collection are now free on the Epic Store


The new pair of Epic Games Store freebies is pretty good.

Epic has rotated in two new games available to Epic Games Store users for free. On top of the 24-hour-only A Total War Saga: Troy freebie (which ends in a few hours), this week’s two, previously announced games have arrived.

The biggest is Remnant: From the Ashes, Gunfire Games’ weird mishmash of shooters and Souls-likes. It’s mostly a shooter where you run through randomly-generated maps collecting weapons, armour and artefacts to augment your play style. It’s also a Souls-like RPG with stamina-based combat, rolling and hefty melee animations.

Somehow, Remnant makes the two work. It even borrows FromSoftware’s sparse storytelling, and infuses it with rogue-like elements that make the experience potentially unique for every player. For instance, while players may all have to get through a certain area, they may not all fight the same bosses throughout. Some may even skip them entirely for making certain choices in quests.

Remnant can be played entirely solo, or with up to two other players in co-op. The even better news is that the game supports cross-play with Steam and the Perfect World Arc version. It’s all peer-to-peer, however.

The Alto Collection, which you may have seen in last week’s hidden indie gems feature, is also free to own. The Alto Collection is made up of two mobile endless runners that come to PC and consoles for the first. They’re not the frantic kind, but the more relaxing, chill adventure kind of endless runners.

Next week, Enter the Gungeon (again) and God’s Trigger become free. Until then, you can hit up the Epic Games Store freebies page to claim this week’s games.

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