Resident Evil 3 running on PS5 uses the DualSense light bar to show Jill’s health


Anyone that boots up Resident Evil 3 Remake on the PlayStation 5 will find a little extra detail communicated to them via Sony’s new DualSense pad.

Thanks to a tweet from @DreamcastGuy on Twitter, it’s been revealed that the light bar on the DualSense pad will act as a sort-of health gauge Jill Valentine.

The pad will communicate Jill’s health as green for good, yellow for hurt, or red for critical – and you can see it all via a quick glimpse down at the DualSense in your hands.

Players that picked up the game on PS4 may remember that the DualShock 4 pad had a similar function, but because of the more obscured lights on most PS4 pads, you couldn’t really see it as clearly.

Sure, the newer DualShock 4 pads have a front-facing light bar at the very top of the touchpad, but it’s still quite a small and hard-to-see element of the hardware design.

It’s nice that little features like this are more obvious for players taking the time to play older games on the new Sony tech, then – it adds a sense of discovery to these older titles and adds incentive to go back to your ‘pile of shame’ and play through games which you may not have completed.

Resident Evil 3 is available on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/ S via backwards compatibility, and rumors suggest the game is due to arrive on Nintendo Switch via the cloud at some point soon, too.

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