Sea of Thieves getting dogs in September update


Sea of Thieves is getting dogs with the September update, and you can even pet the good boys and girls.

There will be various breeds of dogs available in the Pirate Emporium when the September update to Sea of Thieves rolls around.

Like cats, monkeys, and parrots you will be able to interact with your furry companions and even give them a nice pat on the head or neck scratch.

Also in September, players can expect a new voyage type for the Gold Hoarders, which will be a permanent edition to voyages alongside x-marks-the-spot on maps. More details will be discussed at a later date.

Rare also said they will be growing the range and visibility of live events in order to have something unique for players to do throughout the month, and not just looking towards the next monthly update.

Of course, with all Sea of Thieves updates, you can also expect quality of life improvements and bugs fixes when the September update is released.

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