Second Extinction goes into Early Access in September


Second Extinction will go into Early Access on Steam in September.

Steam users can play dinosaur blasting game Second Extinction in September when Early Access becomes available.

Alongside the news, the developers provided details to IGN regarding the game’s War Effort, which is an interactive, “community-driven environment” where players can expect new content “that evolves over time.”

“The War Effort is an integral part of how we’ll introduce new dinosaurs, missions, and more as a live service experience, and it’s a feature we’re excited to fully flesh out throughout early access,” said Systemic Reaction. “War Effort tallies the stats of player matches and uses them to alter the threat level for future matches, meaning you’ll take on various challenging levels of dinosaurs.”

Threat levels go from one to three and once you take dinosaurs down in one area, the next area will feature a higher threat. Threat Level 1 can be done in solo mode, while Threat Level 3 is recommended for “experienced 3-player teams.”

The threat level will adjust each week and is something that will be looked into during Early Access.

“For us, Early Access is not just about what the community does, it’s about how they do it. How are they coping with certain scenarios? What needs tuning? What do they want tuning? It’s also an opportunity for us to find other ways to kill dinosaurs in other modes outside of missions, like a horde mode, and see what people like.

“It’s a collaborative process and that is why we chose this route.”

Alongside PC, the game is also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. There will also be a beta, but in order to get in on the tester, you will need to recruit another player to join in as well.

A release date for the game, when the beta will start, and when in September to expect Early Access will be announced at a later date. Until then, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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