Square Enix financials indicate Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t done as well as hoped


Square Enix has reported its financials for the first half of its current fiscal year, and it appears Marvel’s Avengers didn’t sell as well as the company estimated.

According to the financials (thanks, GI.biz), only major releases such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel’s Avengers provided an uptick in revenue for the first half of the year.

While an uptick in revenue is always good, it doesn’t seem as though Marvel’s Avengers brought in as much revenue as the firm would have hoped.

In the first half of the fiscal year when Final Fantasy 7 Remake released, the publisher’s games division reported ¥34.1 billion ($330.1 million) in net sales and income of around ¥10 billion ($96.8 million).

Compared to the second quarter when Marvel’s Avengers released, the games division saw net sales of ¥23.7 billion ($229.4 million) and a loss of more than ¥5 billion ($48.4 million) in operating income.

While Square didn’t provide sales figures for Marvel’s Avengers,  Tokyo-based video game analyst David Gibson said “volumes were 60% of plan”, and that the game only sold around 3 million copies based on a perceived $100 million budget.

The game’s next-gen release was recently moved to 2021 to ensure it gives the team time to “deliver a next-gen experience showcasing all that this game is meant to be.” Alongside this delay, the team also pushed the Kate Bishop DLC to an unknown date.

Crystal Dynamics admitted the game’s release was “not without turbulence,” and recognized that a number of issues detracted from players’ enjoyment of the game.

Overall, for the six months ended September 30, Square saw revenues up 43% year-over-year to ¥172.73 billion ($1.67 billion) while profits were up 46.3% to ¥16.05 billion ($155.4 million).

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