Steve the Flood loves hugs in Halo: Combat Evolved


Everyone’s heard of Craig the Brute, but have you met Steve the Flood? He’s lovely.

The internet loves Craig the Brute – we already know that. He’s even been branded as the official Xbox mascot. But I’m not here to talk about Craig the Brute. I’m here to talk about Steve the Flood, who has laid down his weapons and decided to follow Master Chief around in Halo: Combat Evolved while giving him loads of hugs for moral support.

Check out the Reddit post below, which features some footage of Steve the Flood being a total legend. I can’t believe the crosshair is red when he is clearly not even remotely dangerous. He’s not an enemy, he’s a dear friend.

Hey yall, meet Steve, he’s my new friend and he loves hugs 🙂 from halo

As you can see, he won’t leave John Halo alone. He’s properly convinced that John needs a hug at all times. He doesn’t have arms, but he has three tentacles with flower-looking things at the end, which are equally functional when it comes to giving somebody a reassuring embrace.

I’m not sure where Steve’s friends went (John Halo probably killed them), but you’re his friend now. His best pal. His blood brother. He’d do anything for you, and that’s why he’s brilliant.

Steve the Flood isn’t quite at the same level of stardom as Craig the Brute yet, but I think he could reach it soon. One of the comments on the Reddit post mentions that Steve actually jumped in to save John 117 from a Banshee. He hates the Covenant and wants to join the UNSC. He’s like the Flood version of the Arbiter, except he’s way more into hugs.

Speaking of the Arbiter, did you ever notice how uncannily similar his narrative arc in Halo 2 is to the Lilo and Stitch movie from 2002? Seriously, they’re basically the exact same.

In related news, Halo Infinite was recently delayed to 2021.

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