The Foundation expansion for Control is now available on Xbox One


The Foundation expansion for Control has been released on Xbox One.

Control’s expansion, The Foundation, was previously released on PC and PS4 as a timed-exclusive.

The Foundation sends players into the history of the Oldest House. In it, Jesse is alerted by the Board of a situation in the establishment. A structure called the Monolith has been damaged and the Astral Plane is “leaking into the Foundation.”

You can expect new missions and narrative elements, enemies, and abilities. It can be purchased from the Microsoft Store digitally for Xbox One and Xbox One X for $14.99.

Xbox One users can also purchase the season pass for $24.99 from the Microsoft Store. It includes The Foundation, and a second expansion, AWE, which is set to release in mid-2020.

Control has been confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X with more details coming at a later date.

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