The next BlizzCon will be entirely free to watch online


The upcoming and awkwardly-named BlizzConline will be entirely free to attend.

That’s according to Blizzard’s president J. Allen Brack – as spotted by PC Gamer – who said in a fireside chat video that the company’s annual convention wouldn’t be physically taking place this year thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, but would be returning digitally next year between February 19 and 20.

Unlike previous years where attendees had to pay $40 to watch the bulk of the show online, this time around it will be free of charge.

“While we won’t have a physical show this year, we’re very much looking forward to BlizzConline early next,” Allen Brack said.

“We want it to be a big virtual celebration, so BlizzConline will be free to watch and engage in.”

The exec said that there will be cosplay content, as well as art and storytelling competitions. Previous BlizzCons have taken fans behind the scenes with panels, as well as esports events.

Earlier in the year, the company said that it wasn’t sure what it intended to do for BlizzCon 2020, or whether it was even “feasible.”

Fans will likely be seeing more of Blizzard’s upcoming titles like Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. One thing is for certain: it’s unlikely that StarCraft 2 will be making an appearance as Blizzard said last month that it was halting development on the RTS.

Overwatch’s lead writer Michael Chu departed the company in March of this year. In August, Blizzard employees complained of pay disparities at the firm.

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