The Witcher 3 loads crazy fast on Xbox Series X


It looks like the upcoming Xbox Series X version of The Witcher 3 loads very quickly.

That’s going by a video posted by YouTube user rubhen925as spotted by the @_XboxNews Twitter account – which shows the silver-haired and incredibly sexy Geralt zapping from one part of The Witcher 3’s world to another in just seconds.

On current hardware, there’s normally a loading screen before the player is transported to another area of the world.

The video is apparently of a version of Witcher 3 without optimisation, with the improved loading times coming as a result of the console’s SSD, which provides faster read/write speed. Though, it’s not as fast as the SSD of the rival PlayStation 5.

The 2015 smash hit RPG is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021 and is free to those who already own the game.

To date, The Witcher 3 has made more than $50m in revenue since October 2018 and sold seven million copies in 2019 alone. Part of its recent success has been due to the Netflix TV show based on the same Polish book series, which saw a 554% increase in sales in the United States.

Netflix is currently making a second series of The Witcher show, as well as an animated film called Nightmare of the Wolf.

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