This is how Gears 5 is upgraded on Xbox Series X


The Xbox Series X upgrade is a welcome boost to Gears 5, according to Digital Foundry.

Gears 5, according to John Linneman, still uses dynamic resolution scaling on Xbox Series X, but according to a pixel count, it averages out to around 1728p during gameplay and goes into full 2160p in less “busy” situations.

The lower bounds are still 1080p, which is similar to Xbox One X yet Xbox One X could drop to near 1080p more often.

“The multiplayer mode is a little more aggressive with its dynamic resolution solution owing to its higher performance targets – yes, 120 frames per second is the target – but it still looks solid,” the article reads.

“Image quality was already good thanks to Unreal’s temporal anti-aliasing implementation and it’s improved here thanks to a higher average resolution. We don’t yet have a Series S console, but we were told that Gears 5 maxes out at 1440p on the high-end suggesting an average resolution somewhere between Xbox One and Xbox One X while still hitting the same frame-rate targets as Series X.”

Ultimately, says Digital Foundry, the update for Gears 5 is “a really nice boost for an already great game.”

It offers an upgrade in quality, and the “lighting features, improved shadows, increased detail, and smoother overall frame-rate are all welcome changes.”

Hit up the video and the link for more on the changes made with Gears 5 on Xbox Series X.

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