Trump’s WeChat executive order won’t affect Tencent-owned game companies


President Trump’s new executive orders are limited to chat and social media apps.

On Thursday, United States President Donald Trump issued two executive orders aimed at banning Chinese-made apps TikTok, and WeChat.

The executive action prohibits American businesses and people from conducting transactions with TikTok owner ByteDance, and WeChat parent company Tencent. The orders take effect in 45 days, after which the US Secretary of Commerce will clearly state the transactions that fall within the orders’ purview.

The orders, which the Chinese government and the two companies in question opposed, are meant to stop what the administration believes are security risks that have to do with how the two apps collect and use user data and personal information.

Although the specific scope of the orders isn’t immediately clear, video game fans assumed the ban would also extend to all companies owned by Tencent and ByteDance. Tencent, of course, has its hand in too many game developers and publishers to count, including wholly-owned studios like Riot Games. Tencent is also a major investor in everything from Ubisoft to Epic Games.

Thankfully, games will not be affected. A White House official confirmed to LA Times that only WeChat transactions are being blocked, not all of those made with Tencent’s other holdings.

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