Upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion patch will hopefully fix corrupted save issue for PC players


Watch Dogs: Legion PC players have been struggling with lost and corrupted save files since launch but it looks like a patch is coming soon that will address the issue.

While Xbox One players struggled with multiple crashes, Watch Dogs: Legion PC players are reporting on Reddit and Ubisoft forums that they are losing hours worth of gameplay due to problematic autosave issues.

Some players have found that if they don’t leave the game via the main menu, hours of save data is lost or corrupted. Others have found that waiting for the game to save is taking too long and they’re left with a hanging problem that forces them to alt-F4 close Watch Dogs: Legion which, unfortunately, corrupts or deletes their saves.

The good news is that Ubisoft has a plan to release a patch by November 9, as first reported in PC Gamer. You can check back here soon for more details or watch out for that patch on the official Watch Dogs: Legion news and updates page here.

In the meantime, Reddit user u/jdawg254 has found a decent workaround you can use if the issue is really affecting your progression. It’s fairly simple, so give it a try while you wait.

Ubisoft recently rebranded the UPlay PC client to Ubisoft Connect which uses cloud save data across multiple platforms, and it’s likely that this change is contributing to cloud save issues for PC players.

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