Users are reporting that Borderlands 3 is running up to 120fps on PS5 and Series X


It looks like Gearbox’s most successful game has quietly gotten a huge performance boost for next-gen consoles.

Users from around the internet are reporting that Borderlands 3 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X is running up to 120fps.

When next-gen consoles hit, a lot of the conversation ends up being about performance. Features and gimmicks always help, but when you get down to it, how well a game looks and plays is often going to be a key factor.

If you are planning on picking up Gearbox’s smash-hit Borderlands 3 on a next-gen console, you might be in for a pleasant surprise too. Despite not being advertised, reports are coming in from users that, running in Performance Mode, the game reaches up to 120fps. A thread on ResetEra made the claim and it appears that several users are verifying the performance.

The original poster said, “the game does run at 120fps on Next Gen when set to performance mode. I have tested it on my PS5 & LG C9 and can confirm it’s at 120fps.”

After some skepticism, another user attempted the test and also found a similar result. They said, “Ok, since I have the LG C9 and Borderlands 3 installed and patched I booted up the console to test it and I can confirm it. It is in 120fps if you put it to performance mode. And first test felt 100% stable… on Xbox Series X.”

Another user talked about how the game runs in split-screen too, saying, “Has lots of drops in the 4K mode but is solid in the 1080p mode. Four-player split-screen is also a solid 60fps in the 1080p mode from what I could test. This is on Series X.”

It’s worth noting that this current performance may not be true 120fps, and instead be a boost ‘up to’ that number.

While reports of the capability are mounting up, there has been no word from Gearbox about this. That is odd. Most games will shout about what features and next-gen enhancements are coming.

Strangely, this isn’t the only quiet performance boost to hit next-gen consoles since launch. Call of Duty: Warzone saw a performance boost to 120fps on the Xbox Series X, but not the PS5 over the weekend.

Again, approach this with some caution until either a platform holder or Gearbox confirms, but initial reports are mounting.

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