Valorant’s new weapon skin bundle is $95


Valorant is getting its first Ultra Edition skin bundle tomorrow.

Riot Games has revealed the first Ultra Edition skins for Valorant. Ultra is one of five skin tiers in the game, and it’s one step below the highest tier (Exclusive).

Elderflame is the name of this particular bundle, which gives four weapons and the knife a dragon-like look, with unique animations and sounds. The bundle will be available starting tomorrow, and costs 9900 VP; approximately $95, meaning each skin is 2475 ($24).

The prices aren’t actually that much different from the League of Legends character skins, but since Valorant may not be getting Agent skins for a while, most of the work will be going towards weapon skins.

They are, however, a bit too high compared to other free-to-play games. Weapon skins in Apex Legends top out at $18, and they’re much cheaper in Call of Duty: Warzone, particularly in bundles that get you two or more.

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