Watch Dogs: Legion Masks Guide – All Mask locations


There are loads of masks to find in Watch Dogs: Legion that’ll hide your identity when you’re sneaking around, but where can you find them?

Alongside any pre-order bonus masks you might have, there are loads of masks to find in Watch Dogs: Legion. You’ll automatically pull your mask on when you enter a restricted area so you can hide your identity, and some of them are pretty rad.

There are a few ways to obtain new masks, so let’s take a look at what you’ll be doing.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to find all the masks

Several masks can be found in each Borough and those found in the wild will show up on your map as a little blueish gas mask icon and can be found in a blue box. There are well over 30 different masks to collect through this method, with some more difficult to find than others.

You can check out this video from Gaming with Abyss that show the locations of all the masks in each Borough, which should make things a lot easier.

Masks can also be collected by completing missions or by shooting down Parcel Fox drones or hacking drones so they’ll drop their cargo. Some of the masks are in awkward spots, so keep your eye out for Cargo Drones so you can hijack one and reach an awkward place.

The UPlay store also has masks for sale, if you fancy using your UPlay coins, like the Ubisoft and Helm of Sparta masks.

Watch Dogs: Legion – Where to find the Defalt mask

One mask that won’t show up on your map is the Defalt secret mask. To find it, fast travel to the Cannon Street underground station in the City of London Borough at 2 am and head directly south of the station till you reach the river.

Head through though this building and jump down to the water to the left. You’ll see a half-moon shaped mossy door that’s locked shut. As long as it’s 2 am, you’ll be able to unlock the door and grab the mask from inside. You can see the in-game clock just above your minimap.

It’s like an abandoned underground club inside with loads of weird mannequins and you’ll find the mask under the DJ deck at the back of the room. Head to a shop or the DedSec safehouse to equip it and have fun.

If you’re just getting started with Watch Dogs: Legion, then check out our Operative Recruitment guide here, as well as our pages on how to make a Borough Defiant, where to find Tech Points, how to unlock Stormzy’s Fall on My Enemies mission and how to fast travel around London.

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