Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox Series S runs in dynamic 1080, ray-tracing on PC has slight advantage over consoles


The highest resolution for Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox Series S will be dynamic 1080, according to Ubisoft.

Speaking with Wccftech, the company’s lead programmer, Galvin Whitlock, said this was the case with Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox Series X.

Whitlock also touched on the differences between ray-traced reflections across PC and next-gen consoles, and apparently, PC only has a slight advantage.

“The fundamentals of the ray-tracing are the same across all platforms that support it,” said Whitlock. “For RTX on PC, we do ray-tracing for rougher surfaces in more situations.

“Ray-tracing relies on a simplified version of the world that we trace rays into. This has been optimized individually for each platform to maximize the number of rays we can process.

“Overall, the look is similar on all platforms supporting ray-tracing but side-by-side, only experts will be able to spot differences.”

Whitlock also confirmed that ray-tracing will work on the new AMD cards immediately upon release.

Watch Dogs: Legion is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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