Xbox apparently still has some 2021 games left to announce


Xbox’s director of program management, Jason Ronald, has said that Xbox still has some unannounced games ready to launch in 2021.

Speaking on an episode of The Iron Lords podcast, Ronald was aksed what titles he’s looking foward to playing in the remaining months of 2021. He replied “not every game releasing this year has been announced yet,” which has sparked a lot of speculation that Microsoft has some more, unannounced tricks up its sleeve.

As you can see on the Reddit thread where this is all being discussed, many gamers have taken this to mean Xbox has some projects ready to launch into the wild in a relatively short time-frame. But what could it be? The thread is full of guesses, from “the rumoured Forza Horizon 5” to a new or Wolfenstein – but Xbox is keeping its lips firmly sealed.

Could we see Xbox/Bethesda exclusives arrive at retail so soon? Xbox boss Phil Spencer previously hinted that future Bethesda titles may be locked to Xbox/PC, saying that Microsoft could recoup its $7.5 billion investment, but existing PlayStation exclusivity deals will be honored.

“I’ve seen lots of things internally that I’m very excited for everybody to see later this year,” says Roland elsewhere in the podcast. “We’re just scratching the surface of what’s actually possible with these next-generation consoles. […] I cannot be more excited by the games that have already released, but definitely some of the games that are still in development.”

Though there are rumors about a Bethesda/Microsoft event taking place in the not-too-distant future, it’s more likely that whatever is being hinted at here is more to do with games targeting the Holiday 2021 window – don’t get too excited and get too caught up in the idea of playing whatever Xbox has in the oven any time soon.

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