Xbox congratulates Sony on the launch of the PS5


Microsoft has once again congratulated Sony on the launch of a new console generation.

The official Xbox Twitter account has taken a moment to congratulate Sony on the launch of the PlayStation 5. Both brands have just ushered in a new generation of consoles and the competitors seem to be amicable to each other’s launch.

With the launch of new console hardware, the ‘console war’ is always going to rage. While some might have hoped the gaming community had passed this, a look under tweets about the new consoles goes a long way to show that that… ‘passion’ from some gamers for their favourite box is still burning.

However, Xbox has taken it upon themselves to cool that war and extend well wishes to Sony on yesterday’s launch of the PlayStation 5. The brand account retweeted an old tweet from when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launched, again congratulating their competitor on a new launch.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer also offered his congratulations to PlayStation heads on the launch. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida responded in kind, saying:

Just yesterday, Spencer was cooling the competition with Sony when it comes to console sale numbers. As Xbox moves into a service-based ecosystem, how many consoles it sells seems less important than how many players are interacting with Game Pass and cloud services.

Perhaps, when the console generation after this one comes around, the community might not fight this argument so heatedly. Although, this is the internet, so don’t get your hopes up.

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