Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume is great, when it works


One of the biggest new features in the Xbox Series X/S has been inconsistent.

Now that the dust is starting to settle a little bit on the launch hype for Xbox Series X/S, a couple of quirks and certain limitations are coming into focus.

Quick Resume, a feature Microsoft talked about endlessly ahead of launch, doesn’t appear to be working as advertised. Or more accurately, it does work, but nowhere near as consistent as we were lead to believe. Quick Resume is the evolution of Suspend/Resume, in that it suspends whatever state the game was in and lets you freely start other games.

You can then switch back and forth between suspended games, and you’re immediately thrown back at the exact moment you left the game in, without having to go through a normal launch.

Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume troubles

The trouble started during the review period when Microsoft advised media and influencers with early access to Xbox Series X/S hardware that some games do not support Quick Resume, and thus the feature has been disabled for those games until Microsoft could fix it at the platform level. As Alex noted in our Xbox Series X review, Quick Resume is brilliant – when it works.

Microsoft doesn’t specify the titles that do not support Quick Resume, and in the known issues support page, it says the feature does not currently work with “a select number of optimized titles.”

Unfortunately, there really is no indication of which games do and don’t support Quick Resume. This has lead many to leave a game, without saving, on the assumption that Quick Resume will take care of the rest, and return to find they have lost progress as the game simply shut down the normal way.

It never worked with Yakuza: Like a Dragon in our testing, for instance, and True Achievements ran into similar problems with Dirt 5, The Falconeer, Watch Dogs: Legion, Forza Horizon 4, and NBA 2K21.

Microsoft’s Jason Ronald said Quick Resume works with “1000’s of titles,” but that the team is currently working on fixing it for the games that do not currently work.

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